Introducing Mena Mortgage Services

  • 07SEP
    Mortgage Services

Introducing Mena Mortgage Services 

There has never been a more attractive time to take out a mortgage in the UAE. MENA Mortgage Services have 29 lenders eager to lend and products which are becoming increasingly competitive.

In 2008 lenders offered one mortgage product on a variable rate of around 9%. Today you can realistically obtain a variable rate of around 4-5% but fixed rates are also available for up to 7 years. Giant leaps towards offering consumers a bespoke solution. Buying a property in the UAE does require a minimum down payment of 15% and fees for all concerned are around 5-6%. in fees

By using MENA Mortgage Services, a qualified licensed mortgage brokers, you guarantee the most suitable solution for your circumstance and ensure there are no hidden surprises. Call them today!


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7th September 2015