Dubai Real Estate Agents are Here to Stay

  • 31MAY
    Dubai Real Estate Agents are Here to Stay

There has been quite some reaction from the market to the Dubai Government property platform announced this week. 

Our Managing Partner Zarah Evans comments as follows:  

"Reading the article in the Gulf Business this week on the Government's aim to cut out agents of course is going to create a stir and get some reaction, especially from those in the thick of the industry.  It was interesting to see how sentiment shifted in the market place after the positive news the week before on the additives announced on company ownership and relaxed visas. I don't think strong established and professional real estate brokerage firms need to worry - I do believe there will always be room here for brokers and the Government to work in harmony and investors in the country will always want to draw on the human element, experience and knowledge and have the freedom of choice to work either online or face to face with their choice of agency or platform. Potentially this announcement may discourage more real estate names entering the market which I see as a positive move to reduce the number of players and potentially raise industry standards and products. The UAE has always been very clever at stimulating and regulating - whether it be rain clouds or timely news being released - equally those who have been in the market for some time will choose to embrace this rather than be threatened by it." 

All industries are moving towards more automation however there are still generations, the generations spending money buying and selling property, that prefer to deal face to face with an experienced broker. Exclusive Links has always prided themselves on a client centric approach and believe that there is nothing wrong with the basics and basis of a good old business approach and ethics.  Shake the hand of a customer rather than message them and ask them to hit the submit button.     


31st May 2018