Buying and Selling Property in Dubai - How To Select The Right Real Estate Agent

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Buying and Selling Property in Dubai - How To Select The Right Real Estate Agent


Why is a good Dubai Real Estate Agent essential for successful property transaction?

The first thing that a real estate agent must do is listen to their clients requirements.  They must correctly and realistically evaluate what their client wants to achieve.  A good agent should have experience, represent the industry ethically and always act on behalf of their client.  They should  have the power of negotiation and know what needs to be done to close a transaction successfully.  A good agent will work not only with what they have but draw on the market and work alongside other agents and source to close a deal.  They should keep their client informed along the way as communication and feedback is essential to successfully reach a decision and a desired result. 

How should a buyer or seller research a Dubai Real Estate Agent?

The credentials of a real estate agent should be checked. To get your RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) accreditation and license in Dubai an agent must sit an exam and conduct their business with the work ethics and best practices set by the Authorities.  Registration numbers of both individual agents and their companies can be checked on
Both the agency and agents licenses expire annually and must be renewed to keep active.


What are the essential questions a buyer or seller should ask when
choosing a Dubai Real Estate Agent?

They can enquire into the agents history of successful transactions in that area and understand the  marketing initiatives and activity that the agent will be put in place to achieve a result. They can understand the potential reach that the agency has to either clients or properties.   They can ask for unbiased market information to support the recommended sales or purchase price.  It is important to ask the real estate agent for their brokers number and a profile on the company they work for.


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