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Dubai Real Estate " Is it a manís world?" 
Managing Partner Zarah Evans thinks not!


Even globally, real estate is perceived as a manís world and the gender gap is significant - why do you think thatís the case?

Dubai Real Estate could be perceived as a manís world, the typical grey suit negotiator, briefcase in hand, forever hungry for the next deal. It is a highly competitive industry and certainly male dominated and possibly further accentuated in this region of the world.   I will say though that over the years and in all circumstances, I have only met with respect and inclusion.  I do believe this however has come from having confidence and professionalism and many long hours of hard work. 

What do you believe are the traits a woman needs to have to make it big in this business?

I think that managing a real estate business in Dubai through to managing a real estate transaction takes much attention to detail, patience and care.  These are all traits naturally instinctive to most women.  Our business is about people and their homes and females nurturing abilities are better suited to the emotional process of renting or buying.  Today women are more   measured against the Alfa male and therefore we need greater strength, determination and perseverance to succeed. 

At a personal level what are the challenges you had to face to excel professionally?

It is all about finding the right balance between growing a family and growing a business which I have done side by side. Raising two teenage children while dealing with the demands of the business is an everyday challenge as you donít want either to be compromised.  I am a leader and want to teach by example and this is in the home and in the office.  Itís all about prioritizing and juggling your day and week and I canít say I always get it right but if my kids and my business are testimonial to what Iíve achieved personally and professionally, Iím happy.          

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16th April 2015