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    Exclusive Links works with other real estate professionals in the market to ensure that the needs of our buyers and sellers is met

Exclusive Links  works with other real estate professionals in the market to ensure that the needs of our buyers and sellers is met.    

Exclusive Links is supported by preferred professional partners. These value added service providers are regulated and licensed within their own fields and compliment the professionalism offered by Exclusive Links Real Estate. The advantage of this blended approach enables our customers to draw on more knowledge of services to assist them with anything property related and ensures Exclusive Links Real Estate provides a complete property experience.
As a leading brokerage firm we have always worked closely with other real estate professionals in the Market to ensure that the needs of our buyers and sellers is met.  Exclusive Links hosted a Interagency function on Tuesday 1st May in their office to promote the activity and encourage communication between other licensed brokers working in the API Trio Towers.
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Exclusive Links Real Estate in Dubai will always use established marketing and networking avenues to secure buyers and sellers to match their portfolio of properties.  This includes working with other known real estate agencies in Dubai that may have the right property or person to complete the sales and purchase transaction. 
In todays market there is more of a necessity to work collaboratively in the market to meet clients requirements. Equally it is important for brokerage firms to focus on their key strengths and call upon 3rd party providers who specialize in their field of expertise and services. We have our partners MENA mortgage services visiting our offices on a daily basis, speaking with our clients and ensuring that a seamless service is offered.  
Working together must always enhance the experience and not dilute the service in any way. Customers should always be made aware when another partners are providing a service or another agents are involved in the transaction so that we are working professionally and transparently at all times.    
Every step of the way, Exclusive Links provides consummate credibility and comprehensive support throughout every stage of the property process.  We have a proven client centric approach and our track record with customers, developers and other professionals in the industry speaks for itself.

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Exclusive Links Real Estate commits to excellence in every area of the real estate industry
ensuring that customers best interest are always of the utmost importance.

5th June 2016