How is the current property market in Dubai and what do we anticipate will occur during the rest of 2015

  • 19JUL
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How is the current property market in Dubai and what do we anticipate will occur during the rest of 2015?

It is historically proven in Dubai the sales market governs over the rental market. Whether there is a rise or fall in the real estate conditions it is the sales prices that will essentially encounter and reflect the impact first.  When there is a decline in activity this can force Sellers into becoming Landlords as they cannot achieve the required sale price.  With a greater supply of rental properties in the market this will have ramifications on the rates.  When the sale market is on the incline this is due to renewed confidence in the market and increased demand. Dubai has enjoyed rental yields of 7% to 10% which we believe can continue as rental rates coincide with sale price activity.
We do not envisage real estate price increases for the remainder of 2015. Communities with preferred transport links and connections are sustaining their value whereas other communities may witness further reductions. As we enter 2016 with the extension plans under development we anticipate the astute investors will commence strategizing for the future.  There are Government initiatives to encourage more medium to long term investors (minimum of  3 to 5 years) and for the preceding years leading up to the Expo 2020 we do anticipate greater activity and more likely to see evidence of productivity of Dubai's development in both short and long term plans. In reality it is premature to fully understand the benefits to the real estate market aside from the likely organic demand for more properties due to the population growth.


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19th July 2015