Issuing Power of Attorney in Dubai

  • 02MAR
With Covid 19 causing travel restrictions and Government offices closing down all over the world the Power of Attorney (POA) process has become more important than ever.

If you are looking to Buy or Sell Property, set up a company, or complete any Government, Bank, or piece of business in Dubai you are going to need someone in Dubai who can sign on your behalf.

Domain Conveyancing is a long-term partner of Exclusive Links and we work with them on all POA needs for our customers.  Please see the below outline of POA's provided by Tristen Lowe of Domain Conveyancing and let us know if you need more information on the process and the prices.

There are currently three different processes for attesting a POA for use in Dubai or UAE:
  1. If you are inside Dubai, you can approach the Dubai Courts Notary departments of which there are multiple locations around Dubai where you can request a court typist to type up a POA. This POA can then be attested with one of the Court Notaries and is ready for use usually within an hour. The documents required differ greatly depending on the activity you are leaving POA for. If you are selling property the Notary will ask you to show your original title deed as proof of ownership, along with original passports and Emirates ID if you're a resident. If you are buying a property simply carrying your passport and if you are a resident your Emirates ID would suffice. The costs increases depending on how many people sign the POA
  1. If you are outside of the UAE, the Dubai Notary services provide an online or remote verification process using a BOTIM call, very specific wording must be used and the court typing center must type the POA. Depending on the activity being left in the POA, two processes may have to be followed. Either A) email is sent to the court and they reply to arrange a BOTIM call with the person or persons giving POA. Or B) someone from Domain Conveyancing would have to pre-arrange a meeting with the courts to seek approval for a POA to sell the property. Again depending on the activity the POA leaves the courts ask for very specific documents ranging from original title deed to possibly marriage certificates if a POA is being given between a married couple. Again prices will depend on the activity issued in the POA and how many people are signing.
  1. If you are outside of the UAE and need an international POA and do not fit the criteria for the above-mentioned online and remote POA, processing a POA is still possible and in almost any foreign country. This POA is prepared by Domain Conveyancing and sent to the person issuing the POA along with instructions on how to get the POA attested. Each country has its own process but most require a notary stamp, a Foreign Office stamp, and a UAE Embassy stamp in the country of residence. The POAs cost is depending on the country and depending on the urgency and how many people are signing the POA.

Let us know if you need any further information on the Power of Attorneys and if we can't help we can certainly put you in touch with someone who can.

Author Tristen Lowe - Domain Conveyancing
2nd March 2021