Property Listing Options with Real Estate Agents

  • 29SEP
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When selecting an Agency to market your property for sale you have the option of the type of listing you will apply. This includes multiple or open (listing property with several real estate companies)  & exclusive listings.

An exclusive listing is when an owner lists their property for sale with only one agency rather than with multiple real estate companies and a time frame for this can be agreed. 

The only negative factor in listing with a single agency is the questionable lack of exposure should an inactive agent be appointed.  The positive factors far outweigh this.  First and foremost homeowner and agent form a closer and more transparent relationship with an exclusive listing.  An exclusive agent will typically be more motivated and proactive in selling a property.  Exclusive listing also removes confusion in the market with all offers being filtered through one agency.  It is only human nature that a buyer who is shopping around may submit offers through several agents causing unnecessary stress and confusion. Viewings and access into the property can be more closely monitored with an exclusive agency listing offering more security and less disruption.  Often home owners will listen to agents promising the highest anticipated sale price regardless of what is realistic and achievable.  This questionable method to get a listing is neither ethical by the agent nor beneficial to the owner.  
29th September 2014