Learning how to do a good photoshoot of your property

  • 13APR
During this time our professional photographers are unable to visit your property however we can still assist you with potential Buyers and Tenants and the marketing of your property. Exclusive Links would like to provide you with these tips to help you stage your home and to take photos like a professional to ensure your property is showcased as best as possible. Properties with high quality imagery will spend less time on the market and we hope you enjoy your photoshoot.

How to prepare your home for a photoshoot
  • Make sure to switch ON all the lights throughout the property
  • Open all curtains (use tiebacks if you have them) and lift any blinds fully to add more natural light
  • Organise and tidy your home with beds made and cushions organized
  • Depersonalise your home and consider removing any personal photo frames etc from view
  • Declutter the property where possible and remove unnecessary decorations/objects
  • Dust, vacuum and clean any surfaces
  • Make sure your kitchen and bathrooms sparkle and are immaculate with all personal toiletries removed from sight
  • Hide all dustbins from sight
  • Remove any sight of pets including feeding bowls/cages/dog beds etc
  • Decorate/set and lay tables
  • Remove obvious visibility of alcohol in the premises

Taking photos of the property
  • Walk through your property and choose the rooms you wish to feature - the more the better
  • Open all doors in your home to create the feeling of a larger space and a better flow of the property
  • Choose the best angle to show off each room and stage each frame & shot in the frame
  • Take all photos in landscape (portrait will not be accepted)
  • Standing in one corner of a room align the two other corners which will give you the widest perspective
  • Use different heights depending on the room. It is best to choose the height on which to shoot a room based on its contents
  • Use natural framing to ensure your vertical and horizontal lines are straight
  • Take several photos of the same frame under and over exposed and in the correct light so editing can be done and the best shot chosen
  • We require a minimum of 10 photos and a maximum of 30 and we have generic project and community images should you not obtain the minimum
Once you have completed your pictures contact us at [email protected] or through your Exclusive Links Agents and we will arrange the transfer of the images to finalise any editing and uploading for marketing.
Contact a Sales or Leasing Agent today at https://www.exclusive-links.com/meet-the-team/#sales-team  and https://www.exclusive-links.com/meet-the-team/#leasing-team
13th April 2020