Virtual Meetings during Covid-19 are essential

  • 08APR
    Virtual Meetings through Zoom application during Covid-19 are essential
Whilst we are all observing social distancing it is more important than ever to maintain contact with one another. At Exclusive Links Real Estate we encourage our team to engage in face to face virtual meetings with our clients where possible.  If you would like to arrange a virtual meeting with a member of our Sales, Leasing or Property Management team we hope you will find the following helpful.
  • Schedule a suitable time for your virtual meeting with your Exclusive Links Representative or send us a request to [email protected]
  • To take the meeting you will need to find a quiet place in your home with good lighting to enhance the quality of the video feed
  • Check you have a good Wi-Fi signal to avoid interruptions to the stream
  • If using a desktop you will need to have web cam connected for video meeting and if you are using a laptop, make sure your laptop has a camera
  • Alternatively you can take an audio meeting only and remove the video function
  • Check the device you are using has plenty of battery charge or that you are seated near a socket to recharge your device during the meeting
  •  Check your volume on your device is turned up

Conduct a Virtual Meeting on Zoom
  1.  1. Our Team are using Zoom and this works on your smart phone/I-Pad/desktop or laptop
  2.  2. Your Exclusive Links representative will send you a meeting request on email and/or whatsapp with a link for you to click on as an example below 

                      Michael Cullen is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
                     Topic: Meeting 4
                     Time: Mar 30, 2020 10:00 AM Dubai

                     Join Zoom Meeting
                     Meeting ID: 409 388 232
  • Click on the link to open the meeting at the appointed time.
  • You can type in the meeting ID that is provided in the text box once prompted.
  • There will be a prompt saying "do you want to allow this page to open" click "allow"
  • There may be another prompt asking you to join with video - click yes to start your virtual meeting
  • You may choose to use headphones to enhance the audio and keep your conversation confidential

Note that the free version of Zoom allows a meeting to be conducted for 45 minutes. After 45 mins Zoom will automatically end the stream.
  • If you require longer than 45 mins, we will send you another meeting request where you can log back in to carry on the meeting
  • Please prepare any questions in advance of the meeting that you wish to ask in order to maximise your time during the meeting

We look forward to meeting you soon and for any questions you have please do get in touch with us - all our team contact information is available at
8th April 2020