Home Improvements

  • 21SEP
    dubai property home improvements
If you are considering improvements to your home while your lifestyle requirements may dictate your renovations always consider a future sale and how you can make your investment spend work.  What could add value to your home would include a private swimming pool, an additional bedroom, a drivers or maids room, an upgraded kitchen, a room extension. Upgrading floor & wall tiles and enhancing or adding fixtures and fittings may not give you any additional return.

It is important to not spend too much time or money on upgrading and renovating a property prior to listing it on the market for sale.  This investment may not be reflected or returned in the selling price as your renovations may, quite simply, not appeal to the buyer. Personalised and heavy decorations should be avoided to appeal to a wider market.  A home owner should not lose interest or let their gardens deteriorate which can easily happen in Dubai’s harsh climate.
21st September 2014