Upside of Brexit for resident in the UAE

  • 17JUL
    Upside of Brexit for resident in the UAE

Upside of Brexit for resident in the UAE  

Now is the time for British citizens living in the UAE to take advantage of the results of the referendum that will see Britain exiting the EU.
The impact of Brexit is clearly evident on the currency market. Sterling is at the lowest levels since 1985 and leading into the summer months, there are some clear advantages for expatiates in the UAE who maintain a foothold or connection with the UK.  Apart from benefiting from up to 11% discount on all your holiday expenses if you are holidaying in the UK over the school summer months, Exclusive Links can assist you with the following: 
  • There could never be a better time to purchasing property in the UK.  Fundamentally UK property prices have dropped by 11% overnight for international investors. Combined with the current uncertainty it couldnt be a better time to enter the UK property market.
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  • If you are currently buying Sterling or have future requirements you are in an extremely favourable position to lock in very attractive exchange rates. 
Below is a graph of the volatility of GBP against AED in the last year:
Have a look at the illustrations below to see just how much of an impact the currency markets have on international buyers. A weak GBP is good news for expats looking to cash in and return home or take advantage of low rates for international investments.
200k property in July 2015         =     AED 1,156,000
200k property in January 2016   =     AED 1,082,000 6.4% less than July 15
200k property today                  =     AED 976,000 15.57% less than July 15
Exclusive Links can assist you with both of these matters and our experts in currency exchange and buying overseas can contact you today.  Please email me for further information or comment to [email protected].
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17th July 2016