What our Staff are saying about Exclusive Links Real Estate in Dubai

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What our Staff are saying about Exclusive Links Real Estate in Dubai


"I have been a very happy and very loyal employee of Exclusive Links Real Estate in Dubai for 9 years now. My loyalty comes from the fantastic working environment and conditions provided by a fantastic company created and run by caring, pro-active, dynamic, generous and extremely supportive Directors. Exclusive Links genuinely cares about the success and well-being of each and every staff member which provides a secure and motivating work environment. This is truly a team working together on many levels to provide the best service possible to our clients and that feels good."                      
Craig, Client Manger Sales


"I am blessed to be a part of such a wonderful team and to work side by side with such loving and caring people. I have never worked in such a warm environment where every staff member truly cares about the other and especially cooperation and support from Bosses . The things that I like best about working here are: the variety, the open and honest way we communicate, the people coming from different nationalities and working like one family. Exclusive Links has advanced own CRM which is very friendly to use for agents and company has the best website which has a lot of information for buyers, owners and tenants."
Mazhar, Client Manager Leasing   


"Working for Exclusive Links has been one of the best experiences of my life. This company taught me lots of new skills and has increased my confidence in an easy going relaxed but yet professional environment. The friendly atmosphere of the office and its diversity make every working day a pleasure"  Marie, Property Administrator


"From the first day at working at Exclusive Links I felt like I fitted in straight away, everyone made you feel that you belonged unlike any other job I have had! I found everyone extremely helpful and welcoming no matter their rank in the company. Four months on and I haven't changed my point of view. The guidance and support I have received has been fantastic and I would recommend joining here to everyone."
Cathy, Client Manager Sales


"Exclusive Links Real Estate Brokers is completely focused on ensuring that customers' best interests are always of the utmost importance, which I also believe in and is my own personal goal in every task that I do. The company has motivated me to proactively identify issues, progress activities and deliver solutions. They have empowered me to possess a strong, rationale thinking and ability to communicate effectively to both internal and external collaborators. It is an absolute pleasure to work at Exclusive Links Real Estate Brokers"
 Paul A, Maintenance Coordinator


"There are just a small number of people I have met in my life who made a profound impact on my life, Zarah Evans along with Louise Heatley of Exclusive Links. As my experience with Ms Zarah Evans being my boss, her coach, professionalism, inspiration and her capability of cultivating the team work with great spirit of one family.  The firm but gentle guidance and incredibly valuable advice on both aspects professional and personal were so motivating and enriching experience.  We have a wonderful team with different nationalities yet we are one family, caring for each other and supporting each other.
I was certainly fortunate to join Exclusive Links."
Soheir, Client Manager Sales


"As I am now heading into my 6th month I want to say how much I enjoy being part of the team of Exclusive-Links. You have created an environment that I can only think as being unique with great ethics and a team that fully supports each other. A place where everyone wants to see all around them do well. Someone once said that if you find a job and workplace where it actually doesn't seem like work and you're onto a winner. Well if that's the case I've backed a winner."   
Fintan, Client Manager Sales

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7th May 2016