Whose responsibility is the Ejari registration and cancellation

  • 17SEP

The confusion of responsibility is a case of practice versus rules. Once the rental payments have been exchanged and both parties have signed the Tenancy Contract this should be registered and the Ejari Certificate provided. The Ejari Certificate is confirmation that the Tenancy Contract has been registered with Dubai Land Department. It is the "Landlords" responsibility to ensure this is done for the leased property. However this task often falls to the Tenants since the Ejari Certificate is a requirement for the Tenants to connect their DEWA account. Owners whom have property for rent can register for their own Ejari account to conveniently manage their Tenancy registration and Tenancy cancellation online however for owners of individual properties they don't often complete this and allow the Tenant to arrange via an external Ejari office. Property Management Companies that have management agreements with the Owners and become the Lessors (Landlord) of the property are responsible to register the Tenancy Contract and issue the Ejari to the Tenants and therefore removing this task from the Tenants, which is the correct procedure.
There can also be an issue for Ejari cancellations on the expiry of the lease. The Landlord or Lessor/Property Management Company should cancel the Ejari on expiry of the Tenancy if the property is vacated. Ejari certificates do not automatically cancel with expiry of lease. If any Ejari is not cancelled via the online portal or the external Ejari office it would prevent a new Tenancy Contract registration. It is not uncommon for new Tenants to arrange their own Ejari certificate but in addition, to be tasked to terminate the former Ejari on the property if not previously arranged. Property Owners are encouraged to enlist the services of a professional Property Management Company that will undertake the relevant tasks timely and in line with Government regulations.

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17th September 2018