Why Choose to have your Property Fully Managed

  • 11JAN
Why Choose to have your Property Fully Managed?

Landlord Convenience
  • If you reside in or out Dubai and have a busy schedule or travel a lot you need eyes and ears in Dubai you can count on.
  • A point of contact for the Tenant for emergencies, property maintenance and all enquiries pertaining to the Tenancy.
  • Local Landlord representation that will act in your best interest and provide a service that will assure Landlord compliance with Tenancy terms and Dubai policies.
  • To be kept up to date with the laws and procedures to avoid error through misunderstanding or lack of expertise.
  • To have access to established relationships with Developers, Owners Associations, Utility and Government departments and thorough knowledge of procedures.
  • Connections to professional & preferred partners that will present value added services at the most competitive rates
  • Assurance you are dealing with a licensed and reputable company that is regulated and compliant with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency policies and laws.

Tenants and Tenancy Contracts
  • Tenants like to rent property they know is being managed professionally and therefore managed properties rent sooner.
  • Thorough screening of Tenants to provide full details of who will be residing in your property to present a good caliber of Tenant.
  • Long term relationships with large corporations and extensive client database who have become good tenants for Landlords.
  • Priority and maximum property exposure in many marketing & advertising avenues to limit periods of vacancy.
  • A Tenancy Contract with terms that protect Landlord and Tenancy contract registration with the Government Ejari System.
  • Collection and disbursement of funds for Landlords whom do not have local bank account or require assistance with third party payments including service charges.
  • Property inspections check your Tenants are abiding by the Tenancy contract, to prevent subletting, over occupancy, incorrect use of property or a threat to the safety of the property or its occupants.

Financial Benefits
  • Assurance maintenance problems are monitored and attended to and advice of any action required to prevent or avoid major maintenance issues that can be very costly.
  • Marketing of property in advance of Tenants departure to locate a suitable replacement Tenant at the earliest.
  • A procedure to safeguard the Landlord and monitor the property is handed back at the end of the Tenancy without pending bills or outstanding debts that could leave the owner an expense.
  • Competitive cost for property refurbish including painting, general maintenance, pest control and cleaning through our reliable maintenance team.
  • Proactive and accurate Notices to be issued to the Tenant to prevent situations that could result in loss of revenue or delayed recovery of property.
  • Timely issuance of renewal notices, in line with the law, to request a rental increase and secure the Landlord the maximum value for the property.
  • Representation at Dubai Police, Rental Dispute Center and Courts that could incur high legal costs without property management company support.

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11th January 2018