Introducing Conveyancing Manager Cornelia Gould

  • 23SEP
    conveyancing help in dubai property
Cornelia has spent many years in the Middle East in both the Real Estate and Aviation Sectors. Her position in Exclusive Links Real Estate is to compliment the role of the Sales Client Manager and to progress a transaction through to transfer of ownership after a sales has been agreed and signed. 

I will guide clients through the complicated process involved in buying and selling real estate. My primary role is to keep all parties involved informed of the process and costs and to act as the central communicator between the buyer, seller, brokers, banks, developers and the Dubai Land Department. assures  Cornelia.

This central point of contact ensures efficiency and effective feedback during the sale and purchase process.  Cornelia manages the pressure and challenges of this role through knowledge, understanding and transparency and all with a sense of confidence. 

So why is conveyancing  such a crucial step in the sales process and what is the role a Conveyancing Manager plays in completing the sale transaction and transfer of ownership?  

The primary roles of a conveyancer is to ensure all the documents and payments required for a property transfer are communicated, coordinated, collected, collated and correct in time for transfer with the Dubai Land Department.

This includes liaisons with and between developers, banks, the authorities and the Real Estate brokers that are representing either or both the buyer and seller.  Not only can this process be unfamiliar to the customer but the rules and regulations are forever changing.   

Cornelia, Conveyancing Manager at Exclusive Links, will help with the settlement and title transfer ensuring that our customers are meeting all the required obligations outlined in the agreement of sale.  Cornelia will also offer protection and a central point of contact to ensure a streamlined and efficient closure to the sales and purchase transaction. 
23rd September 2014