Vacation Notice

  • 20AUG
There are various interpretations of the Dubai real estate laws when it comes to vacating an existing Tenant from a property and it's important for Landlords & Tenants to understand their rights and obligations. During a Tenancy term the Landlord may wish to recover the property and request the Tenant to vacate however there are conditions. If the Landlord needs to occupy the property or wishes to sell as vacant possession then these are acceptable reasons for requesting a Tenant to vacate. However the Landlord cannot insist the Tenant vacates before the end of an existing lease and there must be at least 12 month notice. The minimum 12 month notice of recovery of the property must be served by the Landlord to the Tenant either by registered mail or notary public. It must be included within this Notice to Vacate the reason for recovery of the property. The Landlord cannot request the Tenant to vacate in order to rent again at a higher more current market rate. If this Notice is served more than 90 days before expiry of the current lease then the Landlord may include as part of the Notice that in the event of tenancy renewal the term offered will be only until the 12 month notice period has been met. If it is less than 90 days before current lease expiry then a full one year contract (or same term as existing lease) should be offered. Any requests to change the terms of a Tenancy Contract including amendments to period or rental rate, must be done in writing at least 90 days before end of current lease.
20th August 2014